By Mixy on july 28, 2015

Mixy is a dating app that allows singles who are interested in interracial relationships to meet. The decision to pursue a relationship with a person of a different culture/race/ethnicity/religion can only be made by you.

Once you have decided to pursue an interracial relationship, you need to be realistic about the challenges and benefits you will experience. Although, interracial dating has recently become more and more common worldwide, there are still many people who believe it to be 'wrong'.

Dealing with negative views on your interracial relationship can be hurtful and negative towards your relationship, hence the importance of building a solid foundation between you you and your partner to face whatever negativity you may be comforted with.

Below, Mixy would like to present you with a list of challenges you may face and all the benefits you will gain from any interracial relationship.

Challenges with Interracial Dating:

  • Your community may not accept your interracial relationship decision with open arms.
  • Family & friends may keep their distance from you, you may even lose contact with them.
  • You may experience indirect gestures such as being stared at or people shaking their heads.
  • You or your partner may even experience not being acknowledged at a social gathering.
  • Your parents may directly make you aware of their disapproval of your partner by asking you not to bring your partner over.
  • Within your relationship, you may find that there to be disagreements about who's values and beliefs are more significant.
  • You may feel your partner is not into the relationship as equally as yourself due to their discomfort in telling their family and friends about the relationship.
  • People may directly make ignorant comments to you about your relationship such as:
    "You should date your own kind,"
    "You are disgracing your race/culture"

Benefits with Interracial dating:

  • You will be exposed to and learn from your partners culture or religion more naturally and you will be explicitly exposed to new ways of thinking.
  • You may learn from one another and be willing to incorporate aspects of your partners culture/race/religion into you daily routine.
  • You become even more independent and stronger in what you believe.
  • It will be an interesting and engaging experience with someone you love and respect.
  • You may even get the opportunity of learning a new language.
  • You may also be exposed to another country, making you even more open-minded.
  • You will be illustrating to others around you that your relationship is no different than any other, with ups and downs, but it is all worth it!