Get cuffed on Mixy

By Mixy on October 25, 2016

Everybody beware, 'Cuffing Season' is in full swing and millions of daters are looking to lock someone down for the coming winter.

Our partner recently sponsored a study of 1,000 single Americans looked at the phenomenon of Cuffing season - the term used to define single people's desire to get a partner to snuggle up with during the colder months and found as many as one in four actively subscribe to this trend.

73 percent said cuffing season is very much a real thing and nearly half said they were more receptive to approaches during this time, results showed.

From Oct. 24th to Nov. 20th, all users are able to send Cuff Roses to someone to express your desire of finding the one to be 'Cuffed' with during this winter. And when you send one Cuff rose, your profile card will also be symbolled as 'Cuff Me' during this time.

All users are welcome to share your 'Cuffing Stories' with us in topic or send an email to if you want to remain anonymous. The most liked or commented ones will receive free 1000 coins and 1 month VIP membership!

Another way to get free coins is by sharing the contents in Mixy Moments to your social media accounts, then send a screenshot of your post to us.

Happy Cuffing Season!